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It All Began Way Back........

In 1895, a janitor by the name of Harvey Lillard had his hearing abruptly leave him.  Dr. Daniel David Palmer, a magnetic healer,recognized that Lilliard's spine was not properly aligned.  Dr. Palmer concluded that a nerve was pinched. With a simple adjustment, the janitor could hear once again!

Miracle? ........Perhaps not. But it was Dr. Palmer's understanding of the relationship between the spine and nervous system resulted not only in Mr. Lillard's restored hearing, but also in the birth of a new art and science; Chiropractic.

The human body has an amazing aptitude to heal itself. Nerves that emanate from the brain lead to and branch out through the spinal bones. Should one of the vertebrae become misaligned, the nerve that passes through at that point will become impeded and result in diminished capacity.

The goal of Chiropractic is to rectify a specific physical roadblock and allow the nervous system to proceed with proper healing and functioning.

In order to achieve maximum performance in our stressful everyday world, the human body must function at 100% capacity-- all the time.

Oftentimes our mental state is dictated by how our bodies feel.  No matter your diet or how much sleep you get, if you wake to pain in the morning, it can affect your whole day.

Chiropractic strives to adjust the structure of the body to allow unrestricted compliance with the nervous system.