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Continuing Your Chiropractic Care

Question: How often do you take your car to the mechanic for an oil change or a tune-up? Most people would say two, three, or maybe four times per year. Doesn't your body (and mind) deserve just as good, if not better, treatment than that?

Let's face it... most of us have high levels of stress in our lives. Stress in your particular lifestyle may cause a spinal subluxation. Periodic chiropractic adjustments, when needed, will enable you to change the habits and patterns to which your body has become accustomed. Eventually you may have a more flexible spine and a better functioning nervous system that recovers and learns from the past and adapts to the present more effectively and constructively.

Every second, within our bodies, millions of new cells replace old ones. Chiropractic adjustments give you the opportunity to have these new cells begin with a clean slate instead of falling into old patterns. However, like all natural processes, healing takes time and it cannot be rushed. Your body has a tendency to "heal" itself. It will either attempt to heal around an abnormality or heal the proper way. Chiropractic care attempts to allow your body to heal in a proper, correct way- one that, down the road, allows full range of motion and otpimum health.

As you recover, your body may retrace the memories of old injuries, symptoms, or ailments. You may re-experience symptoms that had gone away a long time ago. These recurring symptoms should only last until your body grows past the old pattern. Common recovery changes include changes in breathing patterns, elimination, digestion or sensory perceptions such as tingling, warmth, and itchiness. You may also notice blood pressure and hormonal changes, or symptoms such as a fever associated with your body "cleaning house".

The presence and severity of these symptoms, or any other symptom in and of itself does not necessarily mean that you are better or worse. Symptoms can have many meanings. The clearing out of subluxation patterns, and the accompanying increased ease, is an indication of the positive changes that your body is experiencing.

During the course of care, you will be re-evaluated using a wide variety of health related, quality of life indicators. We are looking forward to initiating the process of growth, health and development through the correction of vertebral subluxation in you and your entire family. We congratulate you on your decision to have the cause of your problem (subluxation) corrected and maintained through natural chiropractic care and we welcome you to our practice!

Preventative Maintenance for Optimal Nervous System Functionality

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